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Additional Web Design Information

The more information you can provide us with the better. We want you to be completely satisfied with your web site design.  

Basic Information We Need Include:

DiAlo Executive Your business name

DiAlo Executive Contact Information

DiAlo Executive Business address

DiAlo Executive Business phone number (s)

DiAlo Executive Brochures, company letterhead, product catalogs, flyers, business card, text, logos, photos or graphics or any other printed material that will help us create your website and present your company image.

DiAlo Executive Any information about your products and or services.

Written content sent through email (information in paragraph form) for the body content for the pages for your site. There's an additional charge if we have to type out your content information.

DiAlo Executive Come up with about 50 to 100 keywords that will pertain to your website for SEO purposes.

DiAlo Executive Think about how you want your site to look. Go online and get an idea on the different types of web site out there. Think about what you like or hate about other web sites. Take notes and what works and what you'd like to imitate. 

DiAlo Executive If you have graphics please email them to us. Graphics files must be gif or jpg. You can also provide your information on a USB drive or CD. We can scan color and black and white photos. If you scan your own photos, scan at 300 DPI Resolution.

Graphics, Audio, and Video:

The quality appearance of your Web site has a lot to do based on the photos or graphics you choose for your Web pages.  

Website Content:

We prefer your website content to be emailed to us as a Microsoft Word document or as a notepad document, although we can convert a wide variety of file types.

Please do not send us a draft of your text. Send us your final version. While we expect to make minor changes here and there after the Web pages are prepared, we charge extra to format and insert brand new text. Most word processors allow you to count the approximate number of words. Web pages which contain more than 1,200 words may be subject to additional charges, especially if they require a good deal of formatting.

Links to Other Websites:

If you have a page to list links to related web sites it can give visitors a place to go to find more information. An example would be a real estate web site with links to mortgage lenders or other community web sites providing additional information about the area.

Often, if you have a links page you can ask other businesses to exchange links (you put a link to their site and they put a link to yours). Since some search engines look at how many sites link to yours for positioning, a link exchange page can help with search engine positioning. You will also gain additional exposure from being linked with these other sites (especially if your site is brand new and the other sites are getting decent traffic).

Colors and Text Style:

Think about the colors you would like in your site. An idea of colors you would like in your background and for text is very helpful to us. If we are not provided with color preference, we use white background and black text. If you have special fonts you like, please let us know. Be aware that some fonts don't look the same in the various browsers. As a default we use Arial or Veranda.

Title, Description, and Keywords

You will need these three elements to be found by some of the search engines. If this information is not provided to us, we will include this information for you. However, you know best who your customers are and what they might be looking for.

Description. One or two sentences that describe your pages. This is the short paragraph that shows up when you conduct a search in the search engines.

Keywords. These are the words someone would type into a search engine to find your products or services. Some search engines weigh the use of keywords in the meta tags as well as the text in the body of your web pages. As an additional service, we will optimize your pages with targeted keywords for an additional fee.

The Title. 5-7 words that describe your business (usually your business name). When someone does a search, this is what appears above the descriptions of the sites found in the search.  


DiAlo Executive Your logo ( your original copy)

DiAlo Executive A picture of your business

DiAlo Executive A picture of yourself

DiAlo Executive Pictures of your employees

DiAlo Executive Pictures of any special equipment or projects (examples: outfitters-people on an adventure; construction-buildings being built; real estate-homes for sale; etc.)

DiAlo Executive Pictures of your products

DiAlo Executive Special images you feel would bring personality to your site charts, graphs and illustrations

Other Helpful Information

Simple is better THAN over the top! If you have found other web site designs that are similar to what you would like your site to look like, provide us with the URL and what you like about the site (s). This will give us a better idea of what you are looking for in your site.

Typical sites normally have - a home page, contact us page, about us page, and then other options are what's New, Specials, Frequently Asked Questions, Order form, feed back form etc.

Your site visitors will want to know "What's in it for me". You will want the text on your home page to solve a problem, provide information or a solution that your visitor will want to know more about. The rest of the web site design will provide a way for you to solve that problem.

The About Us Page Information

The Internet is such an impersonal place. By providing a little information about your business, it lets the visitor know they are dealing with real human beings. Do include trade organizations you belong to, suppliers you deal with (when applicable) and information that affirms you are a reputable business.

Try to have a good idea of what you want your pages to say and have your information organized. Please feel free to draw sample pages. A good idea is to cut pictures from your brochures or product catalogs and paste them into your sample so we can see what you have in mind for your site.

After your website is created it will not magically appear in front of your potential customers; you have to advertise your website in order to have visitors. You need to constantly promote your website.  

Domain Names

Your domain name must be registered through your web hosting service and approved by a domain registration service before you can use it. The typical price is roughly $15 per year. You can check the availability of your domain name at Infosaic www.infosaic.com We can set this up for you and include the rates with your DiAlo service contract.

Website Templates

We encourage the use of website templates. If and after you've decided on a template our design team will customize your template based on your needs. Using templates allows our clients to have a world-class website without having to pay the high dollar cost that is usually associated with that level of a web design. Pay close attention to the listed features when choosing a website template. Keep in mind that all colors, text, button names and other items are editable by our design team. Template rates are an addition to our rates but we can include the rate with your DiAlo service contract. WITHOUT EXCEPTION, THERE WILL BE NO REFUNDS ONCE A TEMPLATE HAS BEEN PURCHASED.

Website Hosting Services

The website hosting service we recommend is Infosaic. Their website address is www.infosaic.com rates are $65 a year to host your website; Affordable and reliable. After we complete your website we can publish your files through them. We can set this up for you and include the rates with your DiAlo service contract.

In Conclusion:

These are the items that we need in order to get started with your website design:

DiAlo Executive New Website Design Worksheet
DiAlo Executive Website Design Agreement
DiAlo Executive Website content
DiAlo Executive Make a payment

FILL OUT OUR Website Design Planning Worksheet (we can email this to your or ask the questions over the phone) which will define for us the: Written content information in paragraph form for the body content for the pages of your site. We prefer all information to be sent electronically. We can translate from most word processor formats with ease.  

SEND US YOUR Photos, graphics or logo to be included. If you have text or graphics in computer files please email this information to us. Graphics files must be gif or jpg. You can also send these files with you on a USB drive or CD. We can scan color and black and white photos. If you scan your own photos, scan at 72 DPI Resolution. Graphics, photographs, logos (you must own or have permission to use any photos or graphics submitted to be part of your design)  

SEND Samples of your printed materials -- brochures, letterheads, business cards, flyers, booklets, and other printed material -- so we can see how you present your company image.  

MAKE A DEPOSIT Payment for at least 50% of the total cost . You can select to make a payment via PayPal or a major credit card (make a payment) or you can mail a check.  

READ AND SIGN OUR Website Design Agreement (we will email this to you).   Once we received all required information we will type up proper paperwork for your records as well as ours. Once the paperwork and payment have been processed we will begin with the designing of your website. Final files can be uploading directly to your hosting provider or email to you.

Information can be sent to:

Post Office Box
Columbus, Ohio 43224

Or By Email DiAloExecutive@hotmail.com

Or chat with us through our FaceBook and Twitter Social Media Accounts

Our Design hours are 12PM to 9PM Eastern Time Zone 


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