DiAlo Executive Services

The Copywriting Process Is Quite Simple


DiAlo Executive Step 1 AND Step 2 - Consultation AND Research AND Make a Payment

We will meet in person or over the phone to review the scope of your project and provide you with a copywriting quote. During the process we will thoroughly research your products and services for their unique selling points and develop content that will appeal to your audience. We do this by highlight the features of your products and services as valuable solutions to your audience challenges and produce original and compelling content designed to stimulate interest in your business.

Make a Payment

If you like our idea and are ready to move forward, we ask for a 50% advance payment. Payment must be made before any work is started on. Payment may be made by credit card (Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express) or check. A $25 fee will be assessed for all returned checks.

DiAlo Executive Step 3 - We Start the Design and Email You Proofs

Please review your project proof carefully. Clearly indicate any changes, additions, or deletions on the proof and or on the draft. The proof form has to be signed and returned along with any changes on the draft. Each copywriting project is allowed up to 5 proofs, anything pass proof number 5 will be charged $15 per proof.

DiAlo Executive Step 4 - You View the Proof and Make any Revisions

We'll make the needed revisions and resend you another proof.

DiAlo Executive Step 5 - You Are Happy and Then You Give Us the Final Approval

Once you have given us the final approval we will begin to package your completed files.

DiAlo Executive Step 6 - We Will Deliver the Final Files to You

We will email you all the completed files or save them on a flash drive, CD, DVD storage device. Saving to a storage device is an extra fee. Please remember to make a backup copy of your files, for the just in case scenarios. Please note: we also try to backup and keep copies of all our client files.

DiAlo Executive Step 7 - Everyone Is Happy and You're On Your Way to Entrepreneur Success!

This step is what we live for!