DiAlo Executive Services

Our Product Photography Process Is Quite Simple


DiAlo Executive Step 1 - The Consultation

All services begin with an initial consultation to determine your needs and desires. This helps us gather information about you, your company, services, audience, purpose, site goals, and more. This step is important because we are committed to providing you with solutions that will work for you, not for us!

DiAlo Executive Step 2 - Make a Payment

A 50% advance payment is required. Payment must be made before any work is started on. Payment may be made by credit card (Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express) or check. A $25 fee will be assessed for all returned checks.

DiAlo Executive Step 3 - Photography & Editing

Your products will be photographed utilizing a digital camera along with props and tables. All photographs are edited to remove dust and other imperfections as well as to ensure proper color and tone.

DiAlo Executive Step 4 - Download images

When the photos are complete, we will provide you with a CD that contains all your images and or provide a link to all your images to download from our computer to yours. All images are delivered in high resolution at 300 DPI.

DiAlo Executive Step 5 - Everyone Is Happy and You're On Your Way to Entrepreneur Success!

This step is what we live for!