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Our Web Design Process Is Quite Simple

The web design process

All of our services begin with a initial consultation to determine your needs and desires. This helps us gather information about your company, services, audience, purpose, site goals, and more. This step is important because we are committed to providing you with solutions that will work for you, not for us!

DiAlo Executive Step 1 - The Paperwork

After we have discussed and addressed all your ideas, questions, and requirements, you can get specific recommendations for your project. We explain these options with the proposed pricing to deliver them. Upon agreement, you receive a formal proposal that contains project details. A 50% Deposit is needed to start the actual design process.

DiAlo Executive Step 2 - Make a Payment

A 50% advance payment is required for all graphic design projects. Payment must be made before any work is started on. Payment may be made by credit card (Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express) or check. A $25 fee will be assessed for all returned checks.

DiAlo Executive Step 3 - Collecting Your Content

Provide us with the text and any other content for your website. Send all your text and images through email. There's an additional charge if we have to type out your information; an administration fee is applied. We prefer your website content to be emailed to us as a Microsoft Word document or as a notepad document, although we can convert a wide variety of file types. Please do not send us a draft of your text. Send us your final version. While we expect to make minor changes here and there after the web pages are prepared, we charge extra to format and insert brand new text. Most word processors allow you to count the approximate number of words. Web pages which contain more than 1,200 words may be subject to additional charges, especially if they require a good deal of formatting.

Think about how you want your site to look. Go online and get an idea on the different types of web site out there. Think about what you like or don't like about other web sites. Take notes on what works and what you'd like to imitate. The trust factor and quality appearance of your web site has a lot to do with the photos or graphics you choose for your web pages. Graphics files must be gif, png or jpg. You can also send these files on a USB drive, or CD. We can scan color and black and white photos. If you scan your own photos, scan at 300 DPI resolution.

Colors and text style. Think about the colors you would like in your site. An idea of colors you would like in your background and for text is very helpful to us. If we are not provided with a color preference, we will use our own creative thoughts. If you have special fonts you like, please let us know. Be aware that some fonts don't look the same in different browsers. As a default we sometimes use Arial or Veranda.

DiAlo Executive Step 4 - The Design Stage & Finalization

As we construct your design, you will have an opportunity to review it while it is being built; we will email you a temporary link to view the design. Changes and revision should be made during this time. You can request revisions as necessary and then you provide us with a final approval.

DiAlo Executive Step 5 - Launching Your Website

After you provide the final approval and the completion payment has been received, your website will be published on your domain, for the world to see.

DiAlo Executive Step 6 - Maintaining Your Website

We will work with you to establish a regular review and maintenance schedule for your website to accommodate any maintenance requests.

Design rates to fit any budget!

We know you could find tons of other web design services but we want to make our distinction through our personal service and our affordable rates. Our objective is to provide all of our client's the most affordable website service available. For all web development projects we ask for a 50% advance payment and the remaining 50% paid upon completion. References can be provided upon request. For your payment convenience we accept cash, check and all major credit cards, you can pay directly from our website or call to pay by phone.

Having a presence on the Internet is a crucial element to the success of any business. In order for us to design a website from scratch we asked that you complete our website planning worksheet this allows us to pinpoint your design needs.  

We will set up your website from the beginning to the end! 


Website features you can choose from:

DiAlo Executive E-Commerce Development: E-commerce (electronic commerce) is the purchase and distribution of goods or services across the internet. This method of business is seen as a viable alternative to export driven economies to overcome geographical distance.

DiAlo Executive Web Design and Development: A site presence on the World Wide Web. Each website contains a home page, an opening page, which is the first document a user usually see when they enter the site. A web site is a collection of electronic pages generally formatted in HTML (Hypertext Markup Language) that can contain text, graphic images, and multimedia effects such as sound files, video and/or animation files, and other programming elements such as Java and JavaScript.

DiAlo Executive Joomla and WordPress Content Management (CMS) Development: A (web) content management system allows a number of people to maintain a website using a simple web-browser-based interface (instead of manually authoring web pages).

DiAlo Executive Landing Pages: ‘Landing page’ is a generic term for the first page a person sees when linking to a website. The landing page is focused on using a call to action; an advertising and marketing concept, a request/direction to ‘do something’—often the next step that a consumer could take toward the purchase of a product or service.

DiAlo Executive A Favicon Image: A favicon image is a 16×16 pixel image, displayed to the left of the web page address (URL) in the browser address field. It may also be displayed alongside the Meta title in a user’s favorites/bookmarks list (if the web page has been book marked), or in the history list

DiAlo Executive A Robots.txt File: A robots.txt is a permissions file that can be used to control which web pages of a website a search engine indexes.

DiAlo Executive Social Media: Social media is a content-service that enables social interaction to generate, disseminate, and access content – such as articles, photos or video. Examples of social media websites and services include: FaceBook, Twitter, YouTube, and quite a few others.

DiAlo Executive Online Contact Forms | Online Surveys | Online Feedback Forms | Online Questionnaire Forms: Submission forms are web page "fields" for a user to fill in with information. They are an excellent way of collecting and processing information from people visiting a website, as well as allowing them to interact with web pages. The output can be sent as an e-mail form, stored online, printed, and/or returned to the user as an HTML page.

DiAlo Executive A Site map: A site map provides an overview of website content in a manner similar to the contents page of a book.

DiAlo Executive Online Marketing/Internet Strategies: Online advertising is done exclusively on the web or through e-mail. Various types of online marketing include: affiliate programs, search engine optimization, banner advertising, directory enhancement, posts to moderated discussion lists, social media, email advertising, and online press releases.

DiAlo Executive Website Hosting: The a place (a computer available on the Internet) where websites are stored and made available to the World Wide Web users to view the content of that website.

DiAlo Executive Newsletter Design and Management: By sending out a weekly or monthly e-newsletter, you can keep your company name and message in front of your customers and prospects, which help build your brand, trigger additional purchases, and drive new sales. It’s also a great way to stay in touch with your customers and keep them updated about special offers, company news, or new products and services.

DiAlo Executive E-Zine or Ezine: Stands for electronic magazine and is a name for a web site which is either (a) modeled after a print magazine or (b) a magazine that is only available online or through email.

DiAlo Executive Search Engine Optimization: Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process of increasing the number of visitors to a particular website by adding appropriate keywords and phrases, and such ranking high in the search results. The higher a website ranks in the results of a search, the greater the chance that your site will be found by someone searching for your information.

DiAlo Executive Website Hits: Are the individual requests a server answers in order to render a single Web page completely. The page document itself and the various images on the page represent a separate hit.

DiAlo Executive Content Writing: A word you'll likely see around a lot is "web content" and by definition, content is the 'stuff' that makes up a web site. This could be words, pictures, images or sounds. In essence however, when we talk about web content, we are essentially referring to content in a textual nature. Content therefore is the 'information' in text form.

DiAlo Executive Convert documents to pdf format: PDF Stands for Portable Document Format. Created by Adobe Systems in its software program Adobe Acrobat as a universal browser. Files can be downloaded via the web and viewed page by page, provided the user is computer has installed the necessary plug-in which can be downloaded from Adobe's own web site.

DiAlo Executive Website Training: We'll provide assistance to individuals, small businesses, clubs and organizations with their web design needs. We can help you create, modify, improve or maintain your site, and do it for a very reasonable fee, or provide training so that you can learn to maintain your own site with only occasional help from us.

DiAlo Executive Graphic Design for online and print: Logos, postcard/flyers, business cards, invitations, letterhead, media kits, brochures, obituaries, wedding programs, banners & signs, and more 

DiAlo Executive Website Email Auto Reply/Responder: An auto responder is a computer program that automatically answers e-mail sent to it. Auto responders are often used as e-mail marketing tools, to immediately provide information to your prospective customers. Such an email may contain a price lists, a schedule or demonstration dates. This is a nice marketing tool.

DiAlo Executive Online Payment Acceptance: (Merchant account) set up through PayPal or Google Check out to allow your company to accept all major credit card payments. 

DiAlo Executive Website Visitor Counters: A Visitor Counter is used to maintain a count of the number of people who have accessed your website.

DiAlo Executive Website Analytics: Web analytics (statistics) is the measurement, collection, analysis and reporting of internet data for purposes of understanding and optimizing web usage; this is needed in order to track your website results. Having stats about the traffic to your website is simply priceless. Without traffic statistics, you won’t know how many people are visiting your site and you will have a hard time figuring out how to improve your site to draw in more traffic.

DiAlo Executive Website Sound: You can spice up your web pages by adding background music or sound.

DiAlo Executive Flash Animation: Animation is the creating a timed sequence or series of graphic images or frames together to give the appearance of continuous movement.

DiAlo Executive Video Clips: A short video sequence that can be embedded into a web page

DiAlo Executive Error 404 Page: This error message means Page Not Found (on a server).

DiAlo Executive PowerPoint Presentations: Let us create and share dynamic presentations for your audience. We'll help you tell a crisp, story that’s as easy to create as it is powerful to watch. In addition, PowerPoint presentation enables you to work simultaneously with other people or post your presentation online.

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